Pilates Blue


Originally from New York, Jaime has spent her life following her passion for dance and movement from studios in Manhattan to Universities across the country - finally arriving at the University of California, Santa Cruz, studying Modern Dance, Environmental Studies and Anthropology. After receiving her BA in Modern Dance and Theatre Arts, she returned to Los Angeles to perform and choreograph with several local companies.

Advanced pilates certifications include:


  • The Advances in Pilates Technique by Long Beach Dance and Conditioning Academy of Movement in Long Beach, CA by Marie-Jose Blom-Lawrence
  • Power Pilates Mat Certification, Niedra Gabriel @ Equinox, Pasadena, CA
  • The Classic New York Style of Pilates with Jill Cassady at Absolution in West Hollywood, CA. (trained with Romana Kryzanowska at Drago's Gym in NY - one of Joseph Pilates' principal disciples, designated to carry on his work)
  • SPX Method, by Sebastien Lagree of Lagree Fitness, West Hollywood, CA. Fitness Certification for the Proformer, Megaformer and Megaformer Black Strength training, Cardio, Endurance, Balance, Core, and Flexibility

With her positive and encouraging teaching style, she has developed her love of movement into a new, inspired studio: Pilatesblue. Connecting technique, flow, breath and inspiration.

Jaime is known for her extraordinary knowledge of how the body moves, her exceptional intuitive teaching skills and her ability to infuse her clients with her love for Pilates and for their own body+mind connection. With extensive training in both the West Coast and Classic New York Method of Pilates, her studio features both types of equipment. Exploring both techniques, she designs her sessions to meet her individual client's needs. The sessions include mat work and utilize her exclusive state-of-the-art equipment.

Jaime believes that Pilates training instills a deep sense of belief and happiness within oneself, along with a heightened sense of inner awareness. This translates into extraordinary self-confidence: When you are confident that you are strong from within, you know instinctively that you can take care of yourself in your daily life.

Jaime recently returned from Cape Town, South Africa where she was invited to teach several master classes at a Pilates conference. Her experience teaching Pilates internationally has opened up many new avenues for her practice as she has been invited back for the 3rd Annual Conscious Movement Conference in 2013.  She is also teaching the SPX Method in NYC, spring 2012.  Jaime is committed to raising awareness of our body and our minds in a busy world.