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"My love and gratitude to JaimeĀ @Pilatesblue, my joint whisperer, life counselor, Pilates goddess."


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I've been working out for 30 years and until I started studying Pilates with Jaime, I had never seen results (as in my legs have a new shape) like this .......and I am seeing them fast. It is beyond a challenging workout and truly connects the mind body and soul. Jaime is an expert at her craft  so while I am moving through these new and challenging moves, I always feel safe. She has state of the art/well maintained equipment, the studio is clean and Jaime is inspirational, cool and sweet! Love her. Totally addicted to this workout. Try it. You won't be sorry.

Posted by Esther N. Santa Monica, CA on 07/19/2015


I'm new to the area and one of the first things I wanted to do was find a good Pilates studio fit.  With Jaime's Pilatesblue I am beyond pleased--I am thrilled.   Jaime is one of those soothing souls who knows when to push you and is able to intuit your natural limits and just how hard your body can work.  This is nothing short of miraculous for me--I suffer from RA and have a very difficult time finding people who will work me out while still protecting my joints.  Jaime is so good at finding this balance.  I leave her studio sweating and happy.

I also love the serene, pristine atmosphere in Jaime's studio.  Every kind of equipment is there for you to work on, as well as anything you might need for a modification.  

I've already noticed differences in my body (especially my trimmer waist).  I signed up for a ten-class package and expect to keep at it well beyond ten!

I give Jaime a hug at the end of every class because I'm so grateful for what we've just done.   Pilatesblue is good for your body and your soul.

Other details:  one-on-one attention, clean, lovely space, tons of parking and very flexible scheduling.

Posted by Kat M. Los Angeles, CA on 06/16/2015



I wish I could give Pilatesblue and Jaime Ullman 10 stars here! 
I started with Jaime about 3 months ago, to "rebuild" my body after years of computer work and also rehab my frozen shoulder. I came in a complete mess. Jaime is gentle and oh so tough at the same time. She will in a peaceful way make you work as hard as you ever had. With a smile on her face she will push you and encourage you in a way that is truly amazing. My training program is completely modified and tailored to fit my needs. I sweat and I laugh spending my two hours per week at Pilatesblue studio. The more I progress, the more I feel I want to challenge myself. My body is now stronger than it's been for years and each time I do my private session with Jaime I feel my body is thanking me for finding my center, building my core and giving myself this time. 

I couldn't recommend Pilatesblue and Jaime Ullman more highly. She can work with any level, any person and make it such a great experience you will not regret it. 

Thank you Jaime :-)

Posted by U.A. Los Angeles, CA on 11/22/2014


Walking into my first Pilates class, I had no idea what to expect or whether I'd be in any way able to keep up.  My goal was to simply survive the class.  Jaime was a breath of fresh air, however, and immediately put me at ease.  She was warm and welcoming, thoroughly explaining the machine prior to the workout (as she does with every newbie).  She is the perfect mix of tough and supportive, guiding you through the movements and motivating you to give it just a bit more.

Her expertise comes from a place of truly knowing the body and how it moves.  Jaime is NOT your cookie cutter instructor, but a teacher who really walks the walk.  Every minute of the class is a challenge, but the results are well worth it.  Pilates has changed my entire body in ways no other workout has.  I have gone 3 days/week for nearly a year, and am still sore walking out of every single class.  Jaime's workouts are something you will never get used to!  She is absolutely incredible!

Posted by Kat G. Santa Monica, CA on 11/12/2014

taken from: Yelp, Los Angeles