30 / 60 Sessions: An Energy Boost for Your Body & Mind

Like yoga and Tai Chi, Pilates emphasizes a positive body / mind connection through exercise, breathing and mindful awareness. But what if you could combine these Pilates benefits with the intentional framework of mental coaching? Then you’d have the best of both worlds, wouldn’t you?

That’s the inspiration behind the “30 / 60 Session,” a unique, blended, 1.5 hour opportunity I created to empower your body and help you achieve your goals. It’s a satisfying one-two punch that feels like a cleanse for the soul.

Start with an invigorating 30-minute Pilates workout at my Pilatesblue studio that challenges your muscles, increasing stamina, straightening posture, strengthening your abdominals, back, glutes and legs and boosting your energy.

Immediately after your cool down, I lead you through a thoughtful 60-minute talk and guidance session to help you identify your life intentions and solve problem areas. As a certified Life Coach, I’ve helped clients successfully address Career and Professional Goals, Family Relationships, Love and Loss, Life Transitions and more.

By examining what’s happening in a clear-minded state, you and I will create a course of action to make your life what you want and dream it to be.

It feels so empowering to move your body and liberate your mind!

To see how you can benefit, please email me, Jaime k Ullman, at jku@pilatesblue.com or call|text 213.819.1134 for a “30 / 60 Session” that fits your schedule.

Packages and rates are available for the 30/60 sessions and 60-90 minute transformational coaching sessions upon request.