My Philosophy for a Great, Private Pilates Workout

Like you, I've been searching for the perfect Pilates studio. As a lifelong dancer, I fell in love with the stretching and strengthening benefits of Pilates 23 years ago, and have felt inspired to share its balancing and rejuvenating effects with as many people as possible ever since. Along the way, I've met wonderful instructors and had some brushes with perfection, which have all inspired my rewarding approach to the ideal Pilates workout.
I'm Jaime k. Ullman, Pilates educator, world traveler and owner of the Pilatesblue studio in Culver City, California.

My Pilates journey has taken me from my hometown on the East coast to health-conscious California -- where I've trained at Long Beach Dance & Conditioning, Absolution for The Classic NY Style, Power Pilates Mat, Bodyline Fitness, Lagree Fitness & Coreology & Natural Pilates to name a few. I've even been fortunate to teach master classes in Cape Town, South Africa and lead the 100's (plus!) with students in Bologna, Italy and across the US. Now, with Culver City as my home base, I teach and take classes all over L.A.'s glossy studios and enclaves.
But Pilates is a funny thing. To teach it well, you need superb technique, a sense of joy and enthusiasm and, most of all, a genuine mind-body connection with your client. That often gets lost today in group classes where instructors are busy and distracted helping multiple students. So in 2005, I decided to open my own private studio called Pilatesblue.

With blue skies overhead and ocean breezes beckoning from a couple of miles away, I teach private sessions in traditional and contemporary Pilates, along with cardio conditioning, mat work, pre-natal and post-natal exercises, strengthening and more. Whether you're a first timer or a Pilates master, you're welcome here, and you'll definitely be challenged. Some clients say I have a Velvet Hammer touch -- I don't yell or shout, but your abdominals and core will absolutely feel the sweet burn of a satisfying workout. Pregnant or yearning for some gentle toning and stretching after a new baby? As a birth doula, I've assisted pregnant mothers from first trimester to first day back in their favorite workout clothes.

Simply put, I've channeled all the things I love into Pilatesblue ...

  • Private, welcoming surroundings.
  • Elevated attention to Pilates form and technique.
  • One state-of-the-art Stott V2 Max Plus reformer/tower, stability chair, spine correctors and brand new Peloton.
  • Plus a great sound system where you can request your favorite Spotify or Pandora mix. (Some of my more uninhibited clients even sing on the machines!)

It’s a fun, nurturing environment where you can push yourself, discover your inner warrior-god or goddess and exceed your expectations.
Come and get the lean body you’ve been craving with your own personalized workout. Sign up for a 55-minute private Pilatesblue session now and start feeling stronger and more confident today.

Strong Body = Free Spirit

A Great Mood is a Workout Away!