Is Your Inner Voice a Whisper or a Roar?

Everywhere we turn, we're told it's an exciting time to be alive, especially if you're a woman. We women are the athletes, breadwinners, educators, life-givers, ministers, scientists, warriors and even CEOs of the world. We have more opportunities than ever before.
But with opportunities come choices, and choices can bring indecision and doubt. For instance, do you celebrate your wins without guilt? Feel cherished and encouraged by loved ones, friends and coworkers? Or do you struggle to visualize your life's purpose or next step forward?

I’ll tell you a secret. I’ve felt like that too. Because opportunities can feel smothering as well as empowering, leading to disharmony and imbalance. Sometimes you need a guide to help you rediscover the joy and purpose that sing deep inside you. I’m Jaime, a certified life coach | business owner | mother | world-traveler | Pilates educator and consultant, and I’d like to help you free your inner voice so you can find balance again.

“A body free from nervous tension is the ideal shelter for a well-balanced mind, fully capable of meeting the complex problems of modern living.”
-- Joseph Pilates

Together, we'll eliminate obstacles and problem-solve, so you can:
• Get to the heart of “Who” you really are, so that the “What” you seek is clear.
• Focus on your vision, not someone else’s.
• Create viable strategies for achieving success based on your values and what you want.
• Feel supported and encouraged taking action within an intention framework that we create together.
• Conquer fears and banish unhelpful beliefs that get in your way.
Through weekly, 60-minute sessions, I’ve helped many women like you discover their strengths and eliminate obstacles, real or imagined. Like Esther, who's embarked on a satisfying career change she'd been yearning for but couldn't quite envision. And Judy, who discovered strength and new goals after a life-altering loss. Our conversations are confidential; you set the agenda. I help you achieve it.

Whether you’re returning to work, starting a family, changing careers, curious about your life’s path, feeling overworked or overlooked, questioning relationships with your partner or family members, approaching a major life transition, retiring or considering a life-changing move or decision, I can help.

We all have a guiding voice inside of us, and we find purpose and fulfillment by following it. I discovered mine through dance and the balancing movements of Pilates, which strengthen the body and calm our minds. Once your mind is calm, you, too, can see and hear your destination. Take a gratifying first step forward today.

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